Friday, September 26, 2008

Previews: The Frankenstein Murders, Distantly Related To Freud, The Soul of All Great Designs, Operation Rimbaud

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Today we've got a tetralogy of terrific tasters to tantalize you with. That's right - we're talking about PDF previews of four of our fantastic Fall titles, for your reading pleasure:

The Frankenstein Murders
by Kathlyn Bradshaw

Three years after the events recounted in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the father of one of the victims of 'the Monster' comissions an English investigator named Edward Freame to discover the true story behind his son's death.
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Distantly Related to Freud
by Ann Charney

The coming-of-age story of Ellen - a girl who, as an infant, escaped with her mother from the horrors of the Holocaust to settle in Montreal. Follow her search for herself as she navigates from beneath a history she barely knows - as well as more everyday problems, like school and boys.
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The Soul of All Great Designs
by Neil Bissoondath

It starts as a love story between the daughter of immigrant parents and a man whose life is built on secrets and lies. It ends as one of the most indicting criticisms of "Canadian identity" put to print in recent memory.
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Operation Rimbaud
by Jacques Godbout

What do you get when you mix a Jesuit special agent, Haile Selassie, a pair of sacred Judaeo-Christian artifacts, and the cultural turmoil of the 1960s? Operation Rimbaud, that's what.
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