Friday, September 12, 2008

The Moose is Loose!

Charles Pachter's fantastic new children's book M is for Moose is all set to be released in stores in a couple of weeks. It's a uniquely Canadian take on the alphabet book, from one of the country's most celebrated visual artists, and one that is already looking like a hit for us.

Want a copy early? Visit our friends at Pages Books & Magazines at 256 Queen Street West (right on the corner of Queen and John). There are only a few copies available for now, so get 'em while they're hot!

Or you can come down to the launch/TINARS event down at the Gladstone Hotel on Tuesday the 16th at 7:30 PM. If you attend the TINARS event, you'll not only be treated to good company, fine drinks, and an on-stage interview with Charles Pachter - signed copies of the books will be sold there! So why not come down? You never know who you might run into.

Pages is currently featuring 'M Is For Moose' in its window display.
This is not what that display looks like. Not in the least.

Coming Soon: Jeffrey Round visits Turkey Point, a Q & A with Kathlyn Bradshaw

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