Friday, September 19, 2008

Photos (M Is For Moose Pre-Launch, Eden Mills Writers Festival)

Some more images here for you.

First up, the Quill and Quire has posted some terrific pictures from the M Is For Moose TINARS event down at the Gladstone in Toronto on Tuesday. Hop on over to the Quillblog and have a look!

... And in case you were wondering, the young lady in the second photo with Charles is not, in fact, Grace Kelly.


We've also got a couple more photos from the Eden Mills Writers' Festival for you, this time from friend of the blog Rob McLennan. Thanks Rob!

... Did we mention it was wet?

Jenny's Cottage, where all the authors stayed until their readings.
Just imagine the conversations that took place there ...

Karen Houle, Patricia Claxton, and Edeet Ravel.

For more photos from Eden Mills, check out this post and that post.

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