Monday, January 26, 2009

Preview: One Careless Moment, Terracide

Good Monday to you all. Today we present PDF previews of a couple of books due in stores this month:

One Careless Moment
by Dave Hugelschaffer

The second installment in the Porter Cassel Mystery series, One Careless Moment is the thrilling tale of a forest firefighter caught in the deadly politics of a small Montana town. A gripping mix of action-adventure, procedural mystery, and a detailed look into the lives of the brave few who defend the forest.

Written by Dave Hugelschaffer, who knows a thing or two about fighting forest fires.

Read the preview!
Read the Globe and Mail online review!

by Hubert Reeves

One of the top astrophysicists in the world, Montreal-born Hubert Reeves has turned his attention from the stars back down to Earth - and what he finds alarms him. First published in 2003 (before An Inconvenient Truth) and drawing from the latest scientific data, Reeves comes to the conclusion that we are in the process of making our planet uninhabitable, and discusses solutions that must be implemented before it's too late.

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Coming soon: The preview of The Heart Specialist

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